Yeah just do err.. 3 sets of 10

Ever wonder why physios always prescribe 3 sets of 10? Meet Dr. Thomas DeLorme!

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We have DeLorme to thank for introducing resistance training to medicine and physio.

DeLorme was a doctor in Chicago during the Second World War. At the time, patients with orthopaedic injuries could spend six to nine months in hospital being rehabilitated with exercises that rarely pushed them to fatigue, and they would often never regain function.

DeLorme, a weightlifter, realised he could use strength and conditioning principles to help these patients. After the war, he applied the same techniques with people with polio. At the time, the improvement in patients seemed like a miracle.

It was DeLorme who invented the 3×10 rep scheme we commonly see in physio. It’s funny to see that a 70-year old idea is still so influential. S&C has come a long way since – has our exercise prescription kept up?

Read more about DeLorme here:…/i…/articles/IGH1204_1301p68.pdf

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