Patellofemoral pain: management

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More useful stuff from Lee Herrington’s (@leehphysio) talk at Northumbria Uni last night!

Patellofemoral pain rehab!

1) Find out what they can do with minimal symptoms so you’re not flaring it up, but don’t deload completely or you’re giving yourself more work to do later!

2) Improve blood flow. Even just a pedaling machine is good for this.

3) Tape, brace or give orthotics if necessary as a *temporary* way to change the loading on the joint and then…

Strengthen quads (but forget about isolating VMO please!)

And get glutes going! (but not with those weird side lying abduction things)

Pretty simple really: as @GregLehman says, calm shit down, build shit back up 🙂

(Oh and there’s a TPMP podcast with Lee here:


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