Patellofemoral pain: diagnosis

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Good slide from Lee Herrington’s (@leehphysio) talk at Northumbria Uni last night.

Spotting patellofemoral pain!

Why would PFP present as *posterior* knee pain? According to Lee, it’s because the “homunculus” in your brain has a very small representation for the knee. So the brain isn’t too good at localizing pain in this area.

Another interesting point was that it might not be quite right to reassure patients that their clicky knees aren’t a big deal! If someone has severe crepitus in their knee on a motion palpation test, that’s a pretty good sign (specific) they have cartilage damage, although it won’t pick up everyone (it isn’t sensitive).

But, if the crepitus is only mild or moderate, it’s not such a good test. Here’s the paper:…/fulltext…/6F6322D4F2E6426FPQ/1…

(Oh and there’s a TPMP podcast with Lee here:


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